The Subconscious Self- by Lee

Monday, May 11 |

I am, in a nut shell, an oil and water mix of emotions and character. Never am I certain. My views change with the weather. Maybe it’s the fact that I live in the Midwest, and my mood depicts the seasons. I can not decide for myself if it is a bad thing to be completely without bias. It is either a hindrance or a gift, that I am able to step (as it where) into others shoes on each aspect of every corner on every; debate, social quarrel, environmental discussion, and so on. You will find (dear reader), that I am not bound by one subject in my writing. We will go places, you may not wish to enter. Places where it will be difficult to let go of, but we will visit together none the less. I am not hardened in a belief that it is, “My way, or the highway”. My work belongs to you as much as it holds on to me. A straightforward (chop block guideline), is not how you will be able to interpret the things which I will show. Grasp from it what you can, be it a life altering revelation or simply nothing at all.

I truly wish to only be able to give the joy too others, as I receive from the many things I myself read. We will not go far together if your imagination has been in decline from the rough and hardened edges, life can sometimes whittle down to nothing. If this is the case, give me your patience and I will give it my all to help mend and restore the beautiful childhood gift we all possessed at one point.

If there is one thing I am certain of, it is that nothing in this world could have been done without imagination. People dreamed our towns, cities, countries, and our altered world that surrounds us. People dreamed of one day grasping the stars and walking among them. People dreamed of a weapon more powerful than the world has ever seen before. It is up to people and their imagination, on which their individual and together as a species, path will lead.

My name is Lee, and I believe we are together on this haul.

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LazyKing said...

great post! It's like a poem. I loved it.
I just dont have nothing else to add.
I hope you'll do more guest post in this blog.

virgo27 said...

awesome post, lee! welcome and i look forward to more of your posts.

LLnL said...

You know I think your a great writer and I look forward to see what's next. Please don't be a stranger.