Love The One You're With

Wednesday, May 27 |

I'm fat and I'm beautiful. I never understood why fat was such a dirty word. I grew up with women who were over weight and they are absolutely stunning; not because they were fat, not in spite of it but just because they were beautiful. Then I grew up and grew out and understood that being called fat was not desired. I did not mean to let myself go but life got the best of me and now things that were once easy are now difficult. Instead of doing 200 sit-ups effortlessly I now do 50 with muscle soreness for three days. Instead of eating two or three helpings I now get a small plate once or twice a day without the scale noticing. Yes it's hard but I love my body. Not just because it has gotten me this far, but because it still looks good to me. I still long for the days when my friends would ask me to lift my shirt so they could stare and my abs with awe and I miss finding lots of clothes that flatter my figure but I'm okay with me.

I wish that everyone could just love the body that they have today. You should always strive to be your best, but you should appreciate what you already have. Working with people with all kinds of handicaps and help you to get a better perspective on self esteem and the function of a body.If you can't see your beauty on the outside start with your inner beauty and all its glory.

"If you are overweight or out of shape toning up is beneficial if not necessary for your health. However, learning to love your body unconditionally is a significant step that is often overlooked..."

This is from a post titled Love The One You're With and can be found on Wellness Wednesday.

What role do you think media plays in societal beauty standards? Do you have a love or hate relationship with your body? How have you improve your body image through out the years?