A New Guest Blogger

Tuesday, May 12 |

LL&L seems to be ever growing and evolving. Sometimes it seems like an extension of myself, sometimes it seems to have a mind of its on. As I think of what this blog to accomplish the more aware I become that the blog needs more than one voice, so slowly i am asking bloggers that I have great respect for to submit post or guest blog on LL&L.

I am very excited to introduce a new great writer named Lee. Though we have never meet consider him a friend. I found him through his MySpace blog and his words just hit my heart. Poems and short stories that were clever, unique and full of imagery. Not really sweet a sappy but introspective, dark and passionate. Not only did his writing speak to me but I gained a new found appreciate because of the person behind the writing. Spiritual, humble, honest and caring. My new motto is to get to know people on the internet very slowly because it is hard to know the true nature of a man that you can see, but there are some people that I just bond with instantly and can't help but trust. Reading his work has always been a treat for me and I can't wait to see what others will say.

So please look for Lee's post tagged The Subconscious Self
and let me know what you think.