Terminator 4- Salvation

Tuesday, June 2 |

After reading Amusing Bunni's post I new I had to see Terminator 4 Salvation for myself. Gambit was thrilled, and surprised that I wanted to see it. We'd planned to see Star Trek and Terminator 4 but we ran a little behind and did not want to risk of missing the trailers so we decided to see one movie instead. Terminator was the next movie showing so we put Star Trek on hold once again, but the Terminate 4 quickly killed all my disappointment. The movie made me cringe and jump and clap; I looked more like I was a sports game than at the movies. If you want to know more please read Tap The Inner Bad Ass; it's a fun review by Amusing Bunni. I bet she'll have you running to the theater.

Terminator Salvation Movie Trailer 2

Have you seen Terminator yet? What did you think?