What would you do if your daughter cut herself?

Monday, June 1 |

WWYD is a way for me to display the wisdom and discernment of my readers. In these exercises I will ask my readers to imagine themselves in a specific situation and share what they think their natural reaction would be. Next imagine that a friend has gone through the same situation and ask you for advice, what would you say to them?

Got it? Okay great please read on?

You are at home at 12:40 when you get a call from your daughter's school. The secretary tells you that your 17 year accidentally cut herself on a nail and that the nurse could not get it to stop bleeding. They ask you to come pick her up from school. When you pick her up she seems okay but you can see a spot of blood on her pants. You ask her if she how bad the cut is and she reassures you she is okay, so you bring her home.

Once home you ask her how she hurt herself and she says that she accidentally cut herself with a pocket knife that she got form her ex boyfriend. You ask to see the cut and she shows you two small and superficial cuts on her hip. After an hour and several band aid she is still bleeding..........

What would you do? What would you say?