Computer Victory

Friday, June 5 |

Let there be sound, and it is was good. I have had ongoing computer problems for months now. I was hoping of the best but months with no sound left me a little defeated and wondering if my machine would ever pull through. When I finally concluded that old Bessie needed to be put down my hubby said with confidence that he would fix it. So we bought a new hard drive and updated our driver and now my computer is as good as new.

I gave a lot of credit to my husband. My husband was proud of me for learning quickly and helping him, but we both give credit to our Higher Power for Bessie is definitely blessed. Today Bessie was born again and I give praises to Him who answers prayer. Please don't think that I am mocking, my tone is sincere. Try to work with a computer that was barely functioning and worrying that it would not pull though, that a lot of money would go to replacing it was a burden. Now I can say a grateful HALLELUJAH.