Ready, Set, Go!

Wednesday, June 3 |

"Hello all. I hope you enjoyed the last post, Stride Into Summer, which was about running and tips to get started. Below is a simple and easy workout for you to try. This will be a good test run; you will see how your body feels and reacts to running and you will get a sense of recovery time (both will get better; we all know after working out the first few times, especially if we haven’t worked out in awhile, soreness will set in.)"

This a sample from Ready, Set, Go! on Wellness Wednesday. In this article the Homebody Blogger share a 30 minute workout that will help to prepare you for a new running program to get help you achieve your best beach body. On the post there is a large gap between the text and the workout table. I tried to fix it but could not find the problem so please scroll down to seen the program and forgive my lack of html knowledge.