Kids and Exercise

Wednesday, June 10 |

Maybe your workout routine is great and your in great shape; what about your kids? Kids today move a lot less then they use and it takes a toll on their bodies. Avoid future health problems by making working out a family activity. Kids love playing so get creative and incorporate recess all year long:

* Rollerblade or riding bikes together instead of driving for short distances.
* Take turns or walk the dog together two to three times a day.
* Limit time spent watching TV, on the computer or playing video games
* Create a chore list that includes yardwork and other housework.
* Family exercise: go to local park, play sports, dance together for 1/2 hour.
* Keep kids hydration by having them drink water before and during exercise.
* Play games like tag and follow the leader.

I dare you to watch this video and follow along

Okay I'm so sorry that I did that to you. I just want to get in touch with your inner child and so that you are will enjoy exercising with your kids.