How to get you children to eat their veggies

Wednesday, June 10 |

"Anyone who has kids understands that it takes a lot of skill and a little finesse to get your kids to eat their veggies. Most kids would prefer to dine on a strict diet of sugary and processed goodness. Pleading seems in vain because they tune out when you say, "Please eat your vegetables. They're good for you." Lucky for me I had a mom who did not force food; instead she offered huge portions of veggies her kids liked and tried to sneak..."

This is an excerpt from How to get you children to eat their veggies and the entire post can be found Wellness Wednesday.

I don't have tots but I do have a teenager and a husband that are not keen on most veggies. I purchased Deceptively Delicious and enjoyed the delicious recipes that are appealing kids and adults a like. Just remember to always show visible veggies and fruit at each meal to get kids use to eating veggies voluntarily. If they refuse to eat the veggies no worries, they will be getting the vitamins from the hidden veggies in the main entree.

Kids can learn to love their vegetable, just get creative.