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Tuesday, September 15 |

I just finished celebrating my first blogging year, and I still get excited when one person comments on a post. Thanks to two of my blogging buddies, Dani and Hypnotransformations,  I can now brag about my award-winning blog. It feels great to think that little old me could entertain people with my writing and modest blog. Please don't let my humility fool you; I do plan to take over the world, but I realize that it may take a lot of time and some major skill development. 

Until then, I want to say thanks to everyone who visits, supports and comments on 3L. Love, Lust and Life started off as a private venting session but has turned into a labor of love that I'm really proud of.Who knew I had this much to say? I'm grateful for any attention that comes 3L's way!

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Nice guys finish last...or something like that said...

Great choice on the Erika Kane award video. I cried this morning! ugh....


saritameow said...

You do an awesome job with your blog!

LLnL said...

Nice Guy... Crying is cool! : )

saritameow... {{{Hugs}}} Thank you.

Sapphic Owl said...


Dani said...

Your blog is great...I have been out of the blogosphere for too long...I have lots of catching up to do on your blog!!!

Shadow said...

happy anniversary! congrats on your award! and it's me who's grateful to read your thoughts here!!!

LLnL said...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

To anyone that reads comments after this , please check out the commentors blogs.

NiceGuy...A fun look at life
SaritaMeow...Artistic affirmations.
SapphicOwl...Boldly honest
Dani... Vulnerable expressions
Shadow...Powerful Poetry

And to every one else...please know that I'm paying attention. So many talented bloggers...I really must come up with a special way thank you all : )

Amusing Bunni said...

Congrats LL! You deserve it,
I'm on technorati now too, and I faved you!
My button for that is on my blog, or
you'll find me....You're really good on all the sites.
Happy October lst! Many more years and awards to you. Bunni