Mom's Cancer Scare

Wednesday, September 16 |

I consider my mom a beacon of health so imagine my surprise when she told me that her doctor found cancer...

...Mom loves only lives 15 minutes away but I still get excited when she calls or wants to spend time with me. This phone call was different. There was something in her voice that let me know that she really needed me. I can't articulate it but I knew that I had to be there for her to talk to her. Problem was that Cinna, my sister-in-law was on punishment. I did not want to leave her alone in the house but my mom hinted that she would rather see me alone.

I trusted my instincts and agree to come alone, but when I talked to hubby he was equally concerned with leaving Cinna all alone, so with my mom's permission I took her with me the next morning. My mom, was glowing...she is usually a fun loving person but she is not the give you a big hug everything you walk through the door type. Instead she has got a killer sense of humor and a fierce stare that will cut you to pieces when she's mad, but today there was joy. Seeing her put my mind at ease and let me know that she had good news...and that she was happy to see me (Big relief).

My mom needed some project help that required some tech skills, so I took the easy part and gave Cinna the figure out this computer program part. While Cinna was in the office, my mom and I laughed and talked for over an hour until she laid it on me oh so casually. She'd gone to the doctor for a colonoscopy and they fond a cancerous polyp. She was schedule for a follow up to see if there cancer had spread and wanted to know if I could drive her. Strange thing was that we were both okay. I ave ever reason to hope for the best and she still had that unexplained glow like she was in love with life with only a touch of fear.

Next week me and my sister took mom to her second colonoscopy, and I have to say it was a good day. It felt so good to be all together and to have someone to talk to while I waited for my mom. Me and sis walked and talked outside as we walked a lap around the hospital. Mom was a little sore since the first test had only been a few days ago, but she was still in good spirits. So we when to her house, ate pizza and watched movies. It was a good day...

It became a bad day when the doctor did not call as promised. He was supposed to call on Monday but mom could not get to him. When she called th office the nurses assured her that he would call as soon as he could, that her results were on his desk and insisted she would hear from him soon. Since knowing is half the battle the whole family felt scared and stressed as they came up to scary possible answers for why she hadn't heard from the doctor. My sister was the most stressed and had pretty much resigned herself to a the probably of the results being bad news. Finally I was able to use my big sister skills and remind her that hope never fails. She listened and we felt better, but still anxious.

Long story mom is cancer free. The surrounded cells were not cancerous and there will be no further treatments just another colonoscopy next year. The only reason why she was tested in the first place was because she'd heard that you were supposed to start having colonoscopies when you are fifty. She had no symptoms but asked her doctor to schedule a test. It was her intuition and assertiveness that allows me to joyfully proclaim that my mommy is cancer free.


Shadow said...

whew! was holding my breath there for you! i'm so glad the results are good!!!

saritameow said...

I consider Hope & Faith kind of on the same level. It doesn't have to be a religious thing. That it what helps bring the calmness in these situations and helps you get through them. I am so happy that your mom in cancer free & I am so proud of you for your strength-You have that power ;-)

LLnL said...

Shawdow- I felt like I was holding my breath for a week. Thank you for your encougargement.

saritameow- Hope and Faith are universal themes that transend religion and philosophical beliefs. You're right about the calmness they bring...still seems like strange reaction but so much better than freaking out and being consumed with worry.