Saturday, September 5 |

Do you remember Saturday morning cartoons? I do and Thundercats was one of my favorites. I was got so excited to hear the intro and I would yell loudly at the TV, "thunder...Thunder...THUNDER...Thunder Cats HOOOOO! Entertain your inner child by watching an episode of Thunder Cats today.

Just a warning:

The video bellow can no longer be viewed with the same respect that once I had for this series. It may appear cheesy, weak and pointless to the average layman. Anybody seeing this series for the first time might have the following side effects: boredom, a rolling of the eyes, and a sudden urge to turn of your computer. These are all normal reactions but if you experience them just stop the video and consult with a friend to make sure there is not permenanet brain damage to your cognitive abilties.

Watch full Episodes of Thudercats on Fancast.


Psych Babbler said...

Ah, I remember Thunder Cats. I must admit I do like to watch cartoons even now to remind me of my childhood days --- Tom and Jerry, Looney Toons, Jetsons, Duck Tales...