No Bombs Just Dance

Sunday, September 13 |

I don't doubt that war is necessary in the world we live in today, but I wish that someone would invent a method of expressing our freedom and power without using weapons. If I had it my way we would fight our battles with a dance contest.  .

It's silly concept, I know, but I have recently discovered the power of hope. Wouldn't it be great we could just hope our troops home? So if you know anyone that could change our foreign policies and make this a reality I would greatly appreciate the help. Please try to convince them that dancing is powerful step in the right direction. Whose with me?...

I love movies where the rival gang set up to intimidate and start dancing as an entertaining form of annihilation. Fighting has always been pointless to me. People get hurt and nothing is solved. The point of war is to kill until the other side is too weak to oppose you... Yes I know that it is a little more complicated than that but when you see dead bodies after a silent and peaceful protest it still seems senseless. In war both sides lose innocent civilians and self sacrificing soldiers.

Dancing does not solve much but it does solve the need to vent frustration. If anger and fear are expressed in a healthy way then peace meetings and compromises would be possible.

"My new motto don't shot, just bring it!" I'm not sure if it will catch on but here's hoping.

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Anonymous said...

I understand your sentiments and I know they come from place of love. I wish dancing could solve our problems.

I was glad that you followed up your statement that "fighting has always been pointless to me. People get hurt and nothing is solved" with "I know it is a little more complicated than that..."

I would really be interested in hearing your thoughts about a video at Station Charon. It is the second video in the post entitled "pacifism". Perhaps you can see fallacies in the speaker's argument that I am missing--and I mean that with all sincerity.

I am so impressed by how your blog has grown. You are an amazing writer, so I am not surprised.


LLnL said...

Is it to early to say that I love you...I guess a more grown up way to express myself would be that I really appreciate every word you wrote in response to this post...

I've never been off the continent, am not very opinionated when it comes to politics and don't have any experience with war. This view could be seen as immature, but like you said it is motivated by love and wishful thinking.

I've learned a lot from you blog and find my inner skeptic quieted as your knowledge and passion spill out on the pages of your site. I try not to take sides knowing that I have no way of knowing the results of any actions, still my heart yearns for piece and don't understand how war could ever grant us that.

Still I love my freedom and I love my county and I support every decision and policy that has plans of keeping us safe...I am far from saying that dancing is the real solution, but a girl can dream.