Kids... Made You Laugh

Friday, September 18 |

From babies to have a special brand of humor that can lift any mood. This week I found three YouTube videos with some funny kids. The first video is sweet & innocent, the second is a reminder to just say no, while the third is for MTV reality show fans. I hope you enjoy.

I couldn't understand why men think that women are genetically predisposed to excessive talking... until I saw this video.

Most kids are scared to go to the dentist, but I loved it. After watching this video I wonder if the bubble gum scented gas peaked my interest.

MTV's Teen Cribs is difficult to appreciate. The concept...teens that have never earned a dime showing off their plush palace while the parents get 10 seconds of screen time. No mention of the hard work that afforded them the lavish lifestyle. The kids are wined and dined by their staff and surround by their numerous friends. I get concerned about these kid's sense of morals and social aptitude. Watch the video and to understand where I'm coming from.

Please leave a comment. Share any funny stories to share about your kids or your childhood? Or you can share what made you laugh this week?


Missy Ricco said...

That kid peaking out on happy gas was very cute. I've never had the gas, only those needles that numb half your face and leave you feeling like a stroke victim for a few hours. Horrid. said...

The first one is hilarious!!! Thank you!

3L said...

@Missy Ricco- The laughing gas video was a guilty pleasure for me. The kids reaction made me giggle but I feel bad for him too. Your welcome : D