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Saturday, February 28 |

Gilles Roux
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I wish I could tell you everything my grandfather did for me, because he's been such an important and positive force through out my life. Even with a few years living in different parts of the country it seems like he was always in my life. I can remember driving grandpa's car at 6 years old, while sitting on his lap. Sitting in his home office filled with excitement as looked at all the books and smelled the sweet tobacco from his pipe. Feeling proud of myself for attempting to keep up with him as I twirled across the dance floor; he honestly has the best moves out of any man I have ever danced with. I remember staring at his stereo and listening to his record collection as the rhythms seemed dive into my soul and course through my veins. 

I LOVED when he took me to the mayor's office and let me type at the secretaries desk only to be promoted within minutes to mayor. He told me of the police and fire department's complaints and gently shook his head as I told him my solutions, fire everyone! I went to concerts and plays and sat in the box seats. I flew to California to attend or huge our family reunion and experienced a lot from eating in Compton to shopping on Rodeo drive. I've been to Montreal, Disney world twice, and stayed in a condo that had its own indoor swimming pool. I was able to read for a part in a movie that was filmed in Detroit; I did not get the part but got to be an extra. We had no idea if I would be in any scene of the movie, but my grandfather rented out a movie theater so that I could have my first movie premier. I can't tell you how it felt to have my family and friends screams and clap when they saw on the screen. And of course I can remember driving his new car at the age of 18, on the way to college, with him on the passenger side.

My grandfather has come to my financial and academic rescue too many times to count. To my embarrassment he has done this all without one thank you card or without anything in return. Thank you Grandpa for the many things you've done for me, and with me. Thank you for being an incredible example of what one man can accomplish with a lot of love, perseverance, education and ambition. Thank for proving that men aren't dogs but instead are supportive husbands, gentle fathers, strong soldiers, gifted educators, and ethical politicians. He is my hero and my proof that God does exists.


Court said...

Wow, how precious is that. I wish I knew my grandpa like that, and it's so neat how involved he is. I really hope my dad will be like that with Kaiya. (By the way, did you mean to title it Grandma memories?)

Gayle said...

Don't you just love grandparents! Your Grandpa sounds like he had a great impact on who you are today. He sounds like a wise man.

Are Morch - said...

Really an inspiring story you told here.

My grandpa died when I was fairly young, but have some precious memories of him too.

Take care..

Are :)

virgo27 said...

I just lost my grandfather 2 years ago and he too had a powerful impact on my life! he taught me things without even knowing. he set the standard for the men i will allow in my life. i miss him so much! excellent post.

Nick Grimshawe said...

Thanks for a beautiful story. My grandfather uprooted his comfortable life in England to come and live with his daughter, son-in-law, and the grand kids in order to be close to us.

Though he died while I was still very young his biggest impact on me was his unconditional love which shelter me from all the storms in my young life.

Isn't it wonderful to be able to acknowledge such beauty and love.

Your Granddad sounds wonderful.


angelshair said...

Oh this is the most lovely think I read today!!! It made me travel in my own memory and remind my grandpa and grandma!You helped me feel my day with good vibes! Thank you for this post!

LLnL said...

@ Court- I'm sure your dad will have wonderful relationship with Kayia. More time together means more memories.

@ Gayle- He has a huge impact on me. I still have him but he is getting older and it scares me.

@ Are Morch- Memories is what keeps the bond alive. I glad you shared. Thank you.

@ virgo27- The world is a much better place when we have mentors in our lives. Grandparents have a special impact.

@ Nick Grimshawe- Incredible story. Sometimes I feel like we are so soft now. What a beautiful expression of love. There is nothing like having grandparents close to you, that must have been really cool to live with him.

@ angelhair- I love to make people happy. Thank you so much for sharing that with me.

ElGuappa said...

Sadly, I was never close to either of my grandfathers as they died when I was an infant. I *do* remember my Grandmother though. Lovely memories. Pipe tobacco! Yes, my uncles. That sweet smell...I still love it. Great piece. Thanks for sharing that. Let's clone him! Lol.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving a heartfelt comment, it really means a lot.

I never really knew my grandfather, although I do have some memories of him. He died when I was about 6. The only real memory that I'm sure actually happened was riding with him in his wheelchair in a nursing home.

However, I did have an Uncle how played a huge role in my life, much the same role of your grandfather. He was my role model, and he is the person who I strive to be. He died when I was 14, but I still do my best to be like him.

I also want to thank you for having such a great blog. A lot of your posts on here are very uplifting, and right now, I need all the happiness that I can get.

LLnL said...

@ElGuappa- Grandmas are very special. I am happy you have great memories with her. I love your suggestion. Please let me know where to take him, though I'm not sure how he will respond to that request.

@Tuck- Thank you for sharing your memories. Thank you for visiting. I am so happy you find my blog uplifting. Your blog is incredible. I know I don't know exactly what your going through but I do understand on some level. Keep up the fight and you'll be alright. : ) I rap too

Tonya Nash said...

Grandparents are wonderful. I am blessed to still have my grandparents living. As a matter of fact, today is my Grandfathers's 90th birthday.

LLnL said...

@Tonya Nash- That is incredible. You must have some good jeans. Thank you for visiting.

Dian Yunita said...

You have sweet wonderful memories, enrich life :) Thanks for share..