Inglourious Basterds- Amusing Bunni's Spotlight

Tuesday, August 25 |

I'm not sure but I think I've seen only gone to the theater once this summer; I'd rather wait for them to come out on DVD. However Amazing Bunni has done it again by writing another top notch review for Inglorious Basterds. This post was Fantastic! The first time I read one of her reviews I realized that there was no need to write one of my own. She is a gifted writer with an obvious passion for films. Since I no longer have the reassurance of two thumbs to inspire my movie viewing I am grateful that I can count on her trustworthy opinions.

Even if you already heard Brad Pitt's apparently authentic accent and complained that the movie was too long, I'd still think that this a review worth reading. My advice is to visit Amusing Bunni's Musings regardless; with an infectious energy she shares her passion for the arts, or humorously rants about politics. No matter what topic she touches I've always enjoy her writing style. Amazing Bunni has a jazzy disposition and a sharp wit to match that can reveal those infamous Chicago winter winds. Please make no mistake, this girl has a lot big heart and once you make contact with her, through comment or a tweet, you will have gained an instant friend.

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So what about the movie...The buzz before the release left me indifferent but with so many people going gaga I was convinced that I would, at the very least, enjoy it on DVD. Once again Amusing Bunni's review has me running to the theater...or at least driving to see Inglorious Basterds for myself.


LazyKing said...

I aggree, I didnt want to see this movie but when I read her review, I knew that this will be the next movie I'll see on theaters

LLnL said...

I'll race ya...

Amusing Bunni said...

Ahhhh, LLnL!
You have made my day with your wonderful and kind words! I'm so happy you enjoyed my review, and reposted it on your blog! Your video also gives a wonderful new dimension to the movie experience.

Wow, It's so nice to have great blogger friends who appreciate you & say lovely things! Your sweet and very complimentary comments about me could not have come at a better time! Today at work was just AWFUL with the liars & haters spreading their bile in full force! I almost cried after I got yelled at by my boss after he fell for their latest mendacious assertions, but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. I fought back and defended myself, but it's a loosing battle anyway! Then I got mad, then I got sad, then mad again! Heck, I HATE mean people!

But, YOU, dear LLnL, have resurrected the day & restored my good spirits, knowing there are nice people in the world, so I'll just try to keep my better mood now & read your next post about revenge ;-)

LLnL said...

LOL! You make me smile and I just love your communication style. I think if I was that free maybe I wouldn't have had the heartache that I've had in the past.

Stay strong at remind yourself that it does it matter what other say to you...only what you say to yourself. You are strong, smart, and talented. Hold on to your integrity no matter always works out for the best.

Hypnotransformations said...

I just saw this movie tonight! I thought it was fantastic. My boyfriend, on the other hand, found it tedious and felt it needed serious editing.

Thank you so much for your visit and comments on my blog =) I would love to guest blog! Anytime! Let me know if there are any topics you'd like me to discuss.

Take care and glad your back and blogging. Kym

LLnL said...

: D Thank you Kym.