Relaxation Meditation

Monday, August 31 |

It is so easy to meditate when you are staying in a cottage by yourself on vacation, but I have found it difficult to clear my mind at home. First the distractions are hard to tune out and my mind, that is use to constant stimulus, bombards me with constant thoughts. How can you focus on breathe when you are trying to figure if your mom is going to be okay, will Cinna miss home, what to get hubby for his b-day etc...

I just read an article titled Relaxation Meditation that talks about the basics of meditation. In it Buddha of Hollywood shares that while focusing on your breath in the lotus position is popular, he prefers lying on bed listening to an OM Chant.

If you interested in reading the full article you can find it on Buddha of Hollywood, which is ageat blog.

The article ends with these words

"This kind of meditation is not much of a spiritual journey but it is an essential step in preparing your mind to become that vehicle of exploration.
You may choose to stay at this level and enjoy all the health benefits of meditation.
Or you may choose to go further in your practice and step into the ocean of spirituality."


Sapphic Owl said...

I love meditation laying down. It's something I got from my dad and a great way to relax your body.