Fight Fire With...Water?

Sunday, August 23 |

"If your honest you can admit that revenge feels good. It's only natural to want to fight those hurt others but I've always hated the phrase fight fire with fire; don't most people use water..."

This is a small excerpt taken "Fight Fire With Water". Visit 3L's blog Mental Monday to read the whole article or watch the video bellow encouraging viewers to take hold of freedom by letting go of anger and resentment.


LazyKing said...

Yep, why dont we use water!!

LLnL said...

Fire looks cool!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Again LLnL:

This was a very good post and I watched the video and it relaxed me and inspired me with it's wisdom.
I faved it on my youtube channel:

In case you want to be entertained, check it out
Like my blog, it has a little bit of everything,
politics, great original video's, cute animals, politics, you name it, awfully nice friends and subscribers too!
Since I got high speed internet a few weeks ago, I've been making up for lost time! I'm glad I can see all video's now, such as yours. Bye, Bunni

LLnL said...

How cool...I'll have to check your channel and I'm glad you liked it.

Libertine said...

This is an amazing post and video. i so need to do that once in a while!

Sapphic Owl said...

Great opening! Really caught my attention.