Corey Feldman's Michael Jackson Tribute

Monday, July 13 |

Lately Corey Feldman has not been in the presses because he was, to my surprise, making an appearance at the Michael Jackson Memorial, dressed in a famous Michael Jackson ensemble consisting of MJ’s famous military jacket, a black fedora, and dark sunglasses.

Many people may be ridiculing him for this elaborate get-up, but I feel that he was just doing it to pay homage to one of his close friends that made an impact on his life. Even though their friendship dwindled in the 80’s, it is obvious that it affected Corey greatly. This may have been expected from a Michael Jackson fanatic, but I do not believe this act was out of any type of craze, or obsession for MJ. He was just showing everyone that Michael Jackson meant a lot to him. When Corey decided to wear that outfit, I believe he was thinking: I am going to an event to celebrate a wonderful man, and I want to participate in the celebration in a deep, meaningful way.

Wearing one of his unique and memorable outfits is a beautiful way that Michael Jackson would’ve greatly appreciated because he was into fashion, and more importantly, into creating his own unique fashion. I saw it in no way mocking or gaudy. I thought it was heartfelt and genuine.

I also believe that he felt he needed to show his grief for Michael Jackson’s passing in a larger way because of how their relationship was. They became very close in the 80’s and eventually stopped talking, and hadn’t talked for years before his death. I have no personal reason to defend Corey Feldman. He's not one of my he hasn’t even been in a critically acclaimed movie in ten years, and so he success was before my time. To his credit he I really enjoyed Stand By Me.

I’m sure he was regretting not ever seeing how he was doing, or just hearing his voice recently before he was gone. It was completely unexpected for everyone, and affected his fans greatly, so we can only imagine how it would affect friends. Imagine if one of your good friends that you never got around to keeping in touch with suddenly passed away. You would fill crushed, remorseful, and hopeless. One of the few ways you could make up for it is to go to their funeral and participate in mourning them.

Michael Jackson was a unique person from his voice, to his lyrics, to his style. I believe that Michael would find it very flattering if he saw one of his friends dressed up in one of the many outfits people across the world found memorable when he wore it. I believe that too many people often look too deep into things like this. He wanted to wear something that represented a man that meant a lot to the world and to him. He wasn’t taking it over the top, in my opinion, because he wanted to go all out for him. Michael Jackson was a big symbol so why not show a big symbol of how much he cared about him, through one of the most expressive ways; fashion.


LazyKing said...

We'll always love him and listen to his music.
I think Corey didn't do anything wrong.

dyeve said...

I think U have right, but depend of the mentality of each people..In general people much sometimes..and forget to check them first..Nice post..

LazyKing said...

Hi 3L. Thanks for stoping by. Tweet me when you have new updates I really miss this blog. Take care

LLnL said...

Thank you LZ... will do : )