Black Eyed Peas vs. Alanis Morissette

Friday, July 3 |

I love all kinds of music, and silly songs or no exception. A good parody can bring anyone to tears from laughter. I think that's why I love Adam Sandler so much. Billy Madison may not be a critically darling but every song and silly gag brings tears and laughter. You may think it's easy to make a funny song or parody because the professionals like Eddie Murphy or Wayne Brady make it look so easy. To pull off a goo rendition someone must connect with the new lyrics and sing like they mean it. One of the best music mockers, hands down, has to be Weird Al style of music, or mockery. I think that most people do not give enough created to the skill and talent it takes to pull off a good parody but I plan to change that.

LL&L has a new category called Music vs. Mockery. I will pit a song against its parody, or a song that I find similar. And it up to you to decide which song you like better. If you are a serious music fan might assume there could never be a worthy comparison to the beloved original, but you'd be surprised. Music vs. Mockery will include silly songs of all kinds so whether it's a kids songs or a funny ditty from the Flight of the Concords, it might wind up on LL&L: Music vs. Mockery… (Please imagine a man with bass in his voice saying Music vs. Mockery with a soft echo behind it, otherwise the name might sound…silly)

Freaky Friday has finally published. The last chapter of Losing My Virginity, LMV- part 7. It is about my decision to take a break from sex and attempt to get the boys to appreciate my personality and not my humps. So in honor of the new post watch the videos bellow and you decided which one you like better. One is seriously silly while the other is high drama... Please enjoy!

My humps Black Eyed Peas

Alanis Morissette "My Humps" video

Please don't forget to leave a comment. Who's hump did you like better Fergies' or Alanis'.